15 Deadwood Actors Who Found Work at FX

David Milch’s Deadwood is one of the great TV dramas of the new Golden Age of Television. Running on HBO from 2004-2006 the show resurrected the Western genre through beautiful visuals, excellent writing, memorable characters and masterful cursing. But more than just being a classic show, Deadwood has served a far greater purpose as a virtual casting pool for FX.

1) Timothy Olyphant starred as Sheriff Seth Bullock…

"I hated Skyler White long before everyone else"

…only to become Marshall Raylan Givens on Justified

"I'll trim the 'stache, but I'm keeping the hat"

2) Ian McShane played the incomparable Al Swearengen…

"Don't call me Swidgen"

…before crazy-ing it up as Leigh Emerson on American Horror Story

"I've still got that Lovejoy mullet"

3) W. Earl Brown was loyal underling Dan Dority…

"Sigh, more blood to clean up"

…long before he was fugitive Cal Wallace on Justified

"I'll be back in the future with less hair"

…or Phil Critter on American Horror Story

"Yeah, that's me in the dark"

4) Paula Malcomson was Trixie the hooker with the heart of gold…

"Sol Star left me for the big screen"

…before returning to her native Ireland as Maureen Ashby on Sons of Anarchy

"Don't blame me for that shitty season"

5) Dayton Collie was deep-voiced messenger Charlie Utter…

"Aw, Jane, let me clean you up"

…before becoming Chief Wayne Unser on Sons of Anarchy

"Aw, Gemma, let me clean you up"

6) Robin Weigert was a mess as Calamity Jane…

"Anyone up for a drink?"

…before a quick guest spot as Cynthia Potter on American Horror Story

"No screengrabs for guest stars"

…and a recurring role as lawyer Ally Lowan on Sons of Anarchy

"Surprisingly, bikers are cleaner than prospectors"

7) Sean Bridgers was sweet, dumb Johnny Burns…

"I like working at the Gem"

…until he made the inevitable guest appearance on Justified as Virgil Corum

"I miss working at the Gem"

8) The great Jim Beaver was the most honorable Mr. Whitney Ellsworth…

"What you see is what you get"

…until he became Sheriff Shelby Parlow on Justified

"What you see is not what you get"

10) Kim Dickens played Madame Joanie Stubbs…

"I have a smaller hat under this hat"

…and parlayed that role into Madame Collette Jane on Sons of Anarchy

"Okay, maybe I look better without the hat"

11) Titus Welliver played creepy Silas Adams…

"One day I'll pass for Irish"

…before getting his Irish on as IRA boss Jimmy O’Phelan on Sons of Anarchy

"At least my fake accent is better than Jax's"

12) Peter Jason was Con Stapleton…

"I borrowed Joanie's hat"

…until he called old buddy Tim Olyphant for a spot as Owen Carnes on Justified

"No screengrab for me"

13) Who could forget Keone Young as Mr. Wu?


…not Sons of Anarchy, who cast him as crime boss Bohai Lin

"Feed him to the hogs, Wu"

14-15) Garrett Dillahunt played two different roles on Deadwood – Jack McCall…

"I went to the lazy eye school of acting"

…and Francis Wolcott…

"Yup, same actor, different guy"

…before appearing on Damages as Marshall Phillips

"You might also recognize me from Raising Hope"

In other words, Timothy Olyphant is an actor’s best friend.

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