Movie Review: Man of Steel

Our plan to see Star Trek was thwarted by technological issues so we settled on Man of Steel, a movie I had no real interest in seeing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a hardcore comic book nerd with four long boxes of classic comics in storage, so I like superheroes just fine.

My issue was that they just released a shitty Superman reboot, but I guess the Brandon Routh version was 7 painful years ago. The trick with these endless reboots is that the ideas are tired so it all comes down to casting and execution. And this version was executed by Zack Snyder.

Zack Snyder, like Michael Bay, is the perfect director for 13 year old boys. Endless fight scenes linked together by a thin plot and perfunctory character development. The visuals were cool, especially the liquid metal type technology, but the movie was boring. I’m not saying that I want another emo Hulk movie from Ang Lee, but at least try to write something of substance.

Henry Cavill was a good Superman. I love Michael Shannon and he brought the crazy as always, but Zod was a cartoon. I love Amy Adams (for different reasons) but the relationship between her and Clark needed more set-up. And there were so many name actors stuffing the cast that it was distracting.

I guess the strongest recommendation I can give is that you should definitely see Man of Steel if the other movie you wanted to see doesn’t download.

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