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Boston, You’re My Home: Essays about the Hub

April 16th, 2013 · 9 Comments · Boston

When I was 15 my family moved from New Jersey to Boston. Almost immediately I knew that this was a special place and that I’d live here forever, or at least until they invented a warm weather city that had the same vibe and attitude as Boston*.

(*Obviously this is impossible, as the too-cold winters and too-hot summers are part of what makes Bostonians so delightfully full of attitude.)

The thing about Boston is that it’s different from everyplace else. Really different. In an age of homogenization, where cities are barely distinguishable from one another, Boston is Boston. Everything about the city is unique. That’s why every other current movie is set in Boston – because it’s a magical place, beloved by all.

As an emigre I know that I’ll never be considered a native New Englander, but at least that is a gift I have bestowed upon my children. Having learned how to drive here, that is a gift I bestow upon all of the people unfortunate enough to be stuck on the road with me.

Over the years I’ve tried to capture my love and affection for the hub in a series of humorous essays. Now feels likes an appropriate time to reflect upon the things that make Boston so special, so unique and my hometown.

“How to Drive Like You’re From Boston” explains how to survive behind the wheel in Boston.

“In Defense of Jaywalking in Boston” is my idiotic argument in favor of our most dangerous habit.

“Riding the Rails, Boston Style” is a public transportation primer.

“The Boston Cab Driver’s Quick Starter Guide” was not intended to get people mad.

“Hubway Bicycles: Urban Transportation Miracle or Devil’s Plaything?” rounds out my series on transportation.

“Strangers I Love: Jesus is Lord Guy” is a love letter to that guy, you know who I mean.

“9 Great Ideas for Filling the Filene’s Hole” was written after I got really mad looking at the hole.

“Fight Club Discovered North of Boston” is one of my favorites because a Globe reporter called me thinking I was serious!

“The Boston Sports Fan’s Guide to Choosing a Jersey” will probably earn me a beating one day.

“In Defense of Casual Fandom” is my spirited defense of “pink hats”.

And, finally, The Evolution of the Masshole.

Boston, you’re my home. Stay strong.



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