Kibbitzing About TV: The Walking Dead, “Seed” (S3E1)

Ever since The Walking Dead premiered I’ve been wondering about the weaponry. While guns seem like the best choice for killing zombies, the constant need for fresh ammunition and the horde-attracting noise makes them a not-so-great option. Darryl’s crossbow is pretty bad-ass, but let’s be honest – he’s been using the same three magic arrows for months now, and there probably aren’t too many qualified fletchers left in the world. T-Dogg’s silence is a powerful dramatic weapon but certainly not the best way to kill a zed.

I figured out early on that a sword would be pretty sweet – they’re silent, deadly and keep the corpse at arm’s length. Best of all, chicks dig a swordsman – at least according to that Antonio Banderas movie. So I’ve been waiting for someone to bust out a blade or two. Lo and behold, the mysterious Michonne showed up this week wielding a samurai blade. Between her sword skills and her armless/jawless zombie slaves, she’s a strong addition to the show.

Also nice was the emergence of tough Carl, a significant upgrade from deer-petting Carl. It makes perfect sense that he’d be an asset instead of a liability after living in Zombie-land for almost a year. Hell, my twelve year-old was ready for zombie-killing action after a weekend spent playing Left 4 Dead.

Rick’s best decision was to secure the prison as a new home base. His worst decision was to throw away the cat food. Didn’t he ever see that episode of Chopped where the guy made that beautiful braised owl with catfood au vin?

Then again, Rick also made the terrible decision to go tag some prison walls with Glen and Herschel. Why exactly is the old man, the closest thing the group has to a doctor, going on offensive raids anyway?

But the best thing about this week’s very good season 3 premiere episode was that there was only one woe-is-me speech by Lori, and this time I actually agreed with her. Newborn babies are terrible to begin with, but stillborn zombie babies killing you from the inside are even worse.

A good start for the season, although TWD has historically started and ended seasons well. Let’s hope it continues.


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