Freaky Friday Presents: My Psychic Gift

Do you remember that old show “Crossing Over” with John Edwards? In it, John Edwards acts as a psychic medium between audience members and their dead relatives, friends, or neighbors. It’s a pretty compelling show, and it seems like John might be on the level.

Most people are pretty skeptical when it comes to the supernatural. It’s a logical position to take because the psychic industry (if it even qualifies as a real industry) is full of charlatans and scam artists. Now, I’m not claiming that Miss Cleo is a grifter per se, but how exactly do you give someone a tarot card reading over the phone?

And yet, I truly believe that John Edwards is on the level. I know this, because I too have been touched by the hand of fate. I have been blessed (or cursed, depending on your point of view) with a psychic gift.

For many years I tried to deny my gift. Fearing ridicule and further ostracization from society, I suppressed my true self. But as any legitimate psychic would probably tell you (I couldn’t actually find any to talk to) if you have the gift, you can’t deny it.

My psychic gift first manifested itself when I was in my teens. I was working part-time at a bookstore. As a register boy, one of my responsibilities was to greet customers and bade them farewell. I noticed that some of my co-workers repeated the same phrases to each and every customer: “Thank you for shopping with us. Have a great day.”

No originality. No flair. Delivered in a monotonous tone that made it quite clear that they didn’t really care if you had a great day or not.

I made a vow to myself that I would make an earnest effort to say something different to each and every customer; no matter how much I personally disliked them. (Register boy disliked most people.) I would break from established tradition and deliver a unique and personalized greeting for all who patronized my book shop.

But a curious thing happened. Even though I kept saying different things, people would say the exact same thing back to me at precisely the same moment. I’d say, “Have a good one.” And they’d say, “Have a good one.” I’d say “Take it easy” and they’d say, “Take it easy.” And so on. It was like I was reading their minds, predicting the future, and forging a psychic bridge between us. Clearly I was slightly telepathic and a touch clairvoyant.

Needless to say, I was pretty freaked out at the time. Finding out that you’re telepathic and clairvoyant is a pretty heavy trip for a 15 year old. I decided to attempt a little experiment to verify my findings. I wanted to see what would happen if I turned the tables and played the part of the customer. I went to various stores and delivered my glad tidings. As I suspected, the same thing kept happening. My gift was very real.

To this day, I still struggle with my psychic gift. I know that it’s not cool like communicating with the dead, or lucrative like ripping people off with a 900#, but it’s real. Believe me, it’s real.

So, the next time you experience some unexplained phenomenon, don’t just discount it. As people like John Edwards and I can testify, the truth is out there.

{originally written way back on 4/23/02}


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