Concert Review: Boz Scaggs in Boston, MA 8/17/06

Concert Review:
Boz Scaggs
Bank of America Pavilion
Boston, MA

I’ve come to realize that everything in life, good and bad, fun and tedious, meaningful and slight, is projected through the prism of our expectations.

At times, it’s beneficial. When you’re dreading a meeting or an obligatory situation it’s helpful to expect and anticipate the worst. Then it’s quite pleasant when things don’t turn out so bad.

I was thinking about expectations because of the Boz Scagg’s show that we caught last week. Our expectations were sky high. It was literally a lifelong dream of ours to experience Boz live. And right before the show we both realized that it was going to be hard for Boz to live up to our expectations.

But he did. And then some. But first, let me set the scene.

The show was at Harbor Lights (which is now called the Bank of American Pavilion or something). It’s located out on the docks in Boston – far from civilization in the Seaport district. After work, we found some street parking and tried to find a nice place to eat. Of course, our meandering ways caught up with us and we didn’t have enough time to get a good meal. So, we settled on some dive, where the dreadful food was compensated by the cold beers and awesome harbor view.

After completing our pre-show festivities, we were roaring to go. We picked up our tickets, hooting and hollering for Boz and entered…well, I’d call it a corporate environment, but most of the attendees were well past retirement age. The prevailing look was: creased khakis shorts, boat shoes, golf shirts, and maybe even a canvas anchor belt.  It was a tough crowd.

Anyway, Boz comes out and we go wild. He opens with a sweet “Lowdown” and we’re dancing and singing – it’s a show, dig? And halfway through the song we realize that WE’RE THE ONLY PEOPLE STANDING IN THE WHOLE PLACE! Okay, time to switch to plan B. We groove in our chairs for the songs, but give a hearty standing O in between (all well deserved – no phony standing O’s here.) We’re not out to freak anybody out or to ruin anyone’s time. Second is “Jojo,” and Boz sounds so great. Next is a slow version of “What Do You Want the Girl to Do?” Then the heavy stuff comes – a beautiful “Slow Dancer” into a funky “Hercules.” We use the next song “Desire” as our bathroom/beer break and come back for a swinging “Miss Sun” and a spot-on cover of the Crusader’s “Street Life.” The blues come out for a little “I’ve Got Your Love,” then a tender “Look What You’ve Done to Me.” Next is a good “Vanishing Point.” I will say that our energy has started to affect our entire section, and by the time “Lido Shuffle” begins, the whole place was rocking, led by our section. The night finished out with three encores, “Loan Me a Dime,” “Breakdown Dead Ahead,” and “Thanks to You.”

The band was tight, the backup singers were awesome and Boz was perfect. His voice has aged so well. I think I love that man. The only downside is when I knocked that dude’s can of Ensure over and he tried to hit me with his walker (just kidding!)

So, we entered with the highest expectations in the world and they were exceeded in every way.  Viva Boz!


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